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Carving Out Process Automation Perfection with NITRO Studio


The Challenge

Standard Meat required a flexible and expandable solution that could automate their business processes easily and affordably. One important goal managing their growing distribution centers.


The Solution

After initially using NITRO Studio to configure their IT Help Desk, Standard Meat invested in the full suite of Crow Canyon applications, including Onboarding, Purchase Order Tracking, Vendor Management, and Request Management.

The Challenge

Standard Meat moves to Microsoft Office 365 – what next?

Standard Meat migrated to Microsoft Office 365, but then faced questions common to organizations that make that move: How best to use Office 365 to improve operations? How to benefit from this powerful collaboration platform?

Standard Meat’s IT department saw that its legacy applications were not sufficient to carry the company’s digital initiatives forward. The IT staff wanted solutions that would provide real benefits while integrating seamlessly and securely within Office 365, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint.

The IT department searched for flexible and expandable solutions that could automate business processes easily and affordably. One important goal was to better manage the company’s widespread, fast-paced, and growing distribution centers.

The first focus was finding a new IT Help Desk that provided end-to-end visibility for better management of ticketing and for achieving faster resolution times. The current system did not provide the information the team needed to gain insights into IT operations and optimize performance. Plus, the program was based on a pay-per-user model that did not support a single sign-on; technicians were often locked out causing back logs and inefficiency.

The Solution

First Success – getting Crow Canyon’s IT Help Desk in place

After reviewing a range of Office 365/SharePoint solutions, the company chose Crow Canyon’s IT Help Desk. “We found that Crow Canyon’s Help Desk application was flexible, expandable, and integrated seamlessly into our Microsoft 365 environment,” said Joseph McCall, IT Manager. “The other Big Box Help Desk solutions we considered had a take-it-or-leave-it approach and lacked the specific functionality we were looking for.”

Within a few months of using Crow Canyon’s IT Help Desk, Standard Meat saw significant improvement across its IT operations. The staff liked how quick and simple it was to set up and adopt. Common tasks –implementing alerts, adding agents, building a knowledge base, standardizing documents, etc. – were easily configured and highly flexible. The team also took to the Modern User Interfaces and powerful reporting capabilities of the Help Desk program.

Next, Expansion to full Office 365 Productivity with Crow Canyon’s NITRO Studio

Standard Meat’s IT department quickly discovered how easy it was to configure the IT Help Desk. They found that because the application is built on NITRO Studio, Crow Canyon’s powerful business process automation platform, they could easily adjust it to meet their specific requirements.

  • “Our company goal is to automate every process possible to drive productivity and innovation, and with Crow Canyon’s ready-to-use business applications, powered by NITRO Studio, and their exceptional support team we are achieving great results!”
    Joseph McCall, IT Manager

NITRO Studio provides a comprehensive set of tools for “citizen developers”, including forms, workflows, portals, analytics, bots, custom actions, and Microsoft Teams integration. With a powerful Forms Designer and Visual Workflow Designer, NITRO Studio puts the power to create and modify business processes in the hands of ordinary users.

After the success that Standard Meat achieved using NITRO Studio to easily configure the IT Help Desk, the company invested in the full suite of NITRO Studio applications, including Onboarding, Purchase Order Tracking, Vendor Management, and Request Management. 

The IT Department brought the power of NITRO Studio to multiple departments in an effort to streamline and automate specific business process needs. For example, the R&D department set up a Product Development Tracker, and Accounting implemented a New Vendor and Customer Management System.

  • “We have discovered every business process matters, and improving processes equates to progress! The Standard Meat IT Team, with the partnership, solutions, and support of Crow Canyon Software, has allowed our organization to continue to improve processes throughout multiple departments -making them more efficient, effective, and easing departmental workload.”
    Joseph McCall, IT Manager
A Bright and Innovate Future as Standard Meat Approaches its 100th Year

The Standard Meat Company, and its customers, are benefiting from the combined efficiency of Microsoft Office 365 and Crow Canyon’s NITRO Studio. Over the years, the company has had to make many adjustments to new technologies. For the cloud-based, mobile, and modern workspace it now operates in, Crow Canyon’s applications are “prime cuts” that power its move into the future.

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